Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What the world does, is change. If you cannot handle change, you become "set in your ways" or what I like to call "senile". There is no good alternative to change. It just is. There will never be a day that something doesn't change, that the world around you doesn't change. And you change with it. Or do you?

Not everything has to change. The world itself continues to rotate around the sun, and has for thousands of years. It will continue to do so, long after most of us are gone. But what does change is people. One person has a thought, an idea, and it becomes the "new norm".

But some ideas are not worthy of this. Let's take, for instance, wars. At first, wars were fought for survival, over food supplies that couldn't possibly feed the number of people trying to live off it. But then someone got the idea to farm. Which lead to temporary peace, until the wars began over fertile soil. Then someone figured out how to make the soil fertile again, by shepherding animals through the barren fields for a season or two. Then the wars began over religion, over morals, over every little thing someone did that someone else wants.

Things changed, the people didn't.

Now, we find ourselves in a society of people who bicker over whether it's moral or not to be different from the "social norm" and we think it's a good thing? Come on, people! Change! Static minded thinking is what starts wars!


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