Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It is said that gaming is one of the new sins of our world. I'm not talking about video games, mind you, because some video games are just mind suckers and drain you of your ability to socialize.

No, I'm talking about Roleplaying. Games like Dungeons and Dragons, where you gather with a few friends, pretend to be different people and put on a show for just yourselves. It's all improvisation within a guided story-arc, where your decisions make or break your chosen character.

So how is this, with the base idea behind it, evil? Society has this in their everyday lives, and yet, when a small group of people get together and roleplay, they're "going to hell" or some such nonsense?

Roleplaying is a part of every day society. You see it when you watch Television, when you see a Play, or when you go to the glistening theater and see your favorite actor on the big screen.

So tell me, how the hell am I going to hell because I'm playing D&D?

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