Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working Man's Woes

Days at work seem almost endless. Monday comes, going into work groggy from the weekend. Tuesday, coming in wishing the week was already over. Wednesday, the middle of the week doesn't do more than remind you that the week still isn't over. Thursday, just one more day after this, but you're not sure you can make it. Friday, counting down to the end of the day so you can go home and finally catch up on the sleep you missed all week because of work, but doesn't really help. Monday comes, and the whole vicious cycle starts again.

Don't even get started on vacations. They're little breaks from work that make you wish you could hang yourself when they're over. Mainly because it throws off your whole groove for work, and the cycle is that much worse.

With my company, getting vacation time is like putting bread dough in the oven and pulling out soggy cereal. Just doesn't happen like you want. For instance, put in your vacation time 3 months in advance, have a 25% chance of actually being able to take that time off. Put it in 6 months in advance, 50% chance. 2 years in advance, 75% chance. And why? Because they don't know how to manage their time properly. Tax season is definitely out, because people will call out sick on tax day to stand in the long line to turn in their taxes.

And dress codes aren't any better! You are given a uniform to wear, and, when you go out to a site to cover for someone else (who happened to put their vacation in 3 years ago, mind you) you are standing there in your uniform, fully decked out like company policy states, and you see the employees there relaxed, wearing only parts of the uniform, completely destroying the whole company policy thing... and their managers don't care. But you do it one day, and you're damn near ripped apart and thrown out to the wolves. Not to mention the sites you aren't allowed to wear the uniform because the customer doesn't want people to know you're a vendor and not hired by their company. Apparently company logos make people skittish at these sites or something, I don't know. But now you go to this site, expecting to have to wear a uniform, and get told to go home and get yourself dressed up fancy with no logos. So you do, and come back, spending hours on the road in rush hour traffic, only to be told you are being sent somewhere else, and you need to go back home and change back into your uniform... only to find out that that site is the same as the previous one, so back home again to change... you get the idea.

What's worse than that, you ask? Why, coming to work in your uniform, after having spent a half hour sitting on the side of the road because you were in an accident, got coffee spilled on your arm so it hurts, and the manager snapping at you for being late, even after you called your boss and told them you would be late, and they said they'd call the manager of the site and inform them... but no, the message never came through, and you are stuck listening to an old, beaten down ex-druggy who thinks his shit doesn't stink complain about how he had to do the responsibilities at his site that his employee who called out sick today couldn't do, all because you came in late. Not to mention they'll probably blame you for their employee being sick, since you're the one who can't seem to make it to work on time. Then he sends an email to your boss about how you come in late all the time, completely out of uniform, smelling like you spent the weekend rolling around in crap, and had the indecency to tell him that he just needed to calm down because he was about to have a heart attack.

That is a typical week for me... what happened to all the decent people?

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