Friday, October 22, 2010

Minecraft - What ever shall we do?

What? Oh! Sorry! I haven't been by to update in a while. I've been absorbed in this mining venture. See, I've been scouring the lands looking for iron ore to reprocess into tools so I can go back to mining coal so I can go back to mining iron ore to reprocess into tools, so that one day, I will have enough tools to go after the diamonds and red dust deep in the earth.

Minecraft is awesome! Hell, I even found this on the forums, as someone's signature:
"Notch, who art in Sweden,hallowed be thy name;thy website come;thy updates done,in Alpha as is in Beta.Give us our daily bacon.And forgive our griefs,as we forgive them that grief against us. And lead us not into lava;but deliver us from creepers. Amen"
This Swedish game is taking over the internet, person by person. It is still in its alpha stages, and the creator already has made tons of money from it. One year, and he's already looking for an office to set up his permanent home! This guy is a genius!
Minecraft is a sandbox game. Basically, you go around, digging up dirt to find stone, mining through the stone to find coal, iron, gold, diamond, red stone dust, and the extremely difficult to mine Onyx. Avoiding lava, monsters, and drowning is the big challenge... but sometimes so is falling into an unknown cavern that you didn't dig. Which makes you wonder... are there other people playing on your map? And it is entirely possible, since Minecraft is not just a single player game, but a massive online multiplayer game.
Check it out! Play in the Classic edition to get an idea of what the game is about, and then join the rest of the multitude who has purchased the game (9.99 EU until Beta starts) and run rampant through the mines!

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